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    Read our new Sustainable Addison blog

    Get updates and tips directly from the Town of Addison’s Sustainability Program staff.
    Succulents GRN pix

    A guide to trash and recycling in Addison

    Find everything you need to know about trash pickup and where to recycle.

    How to spot and handle Rose Rosette disease

    Witches Broom Rose Rosette disease has become a plague on North Texas roses. Addison Arbor Foundation members and guests recently found out how to spot this plant disease and what to do to mitigate its spread at its winter seminar with rose expert Claude Graves.

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    Arbor Foundation’s seminar on Japanese maples and rosette disease is Feb. 21

    Japanese Maple, Chambersville Tree Farm Learn about a popular landscape tree, the Japanese maple, and about a disease plaguing rose bushes in Texas at the Addison Arbor Foundation education event this Saturday.

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    Cease the Grease offers Addison residents a way to recycle cooking oils

    Cease the Grease -- Addison
    Addison residents now have a place to take their used cooking oils. The Cease the Grease program has set up a collection point at the Whole Foods Market on Belt Line Road. The oil is used to help generate electricity. Cease the Grease, which shows people how to properly dispose of cooking grease and oils, also helps prevent nasty, costly clogs in city and household wastewater pipes.

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    Current Conditions in Addison, TX
    Water Restrictions: Stage 1 Restrictions

    Welcome to Addison Green

    The Town of Addison City Council, City Manager and Town staff are committed to taking action to make Addison a leader in sustainable development and operations that protect and enhance the Town’s quality of life.

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    Recent News

    Refrigerators more than 10 years old use up to 50% more energy than new energy efficient models. Behind heating and cooling and water heaters, refrigerators and freezers are the biggest household energy users because they run all the time.