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    Green and beautify your indoors with succulents

    Succulents are a low-maintenance indoor plant that needs only filtered sun and modest watering.
    Succulents GRN pix

    A guide to trash and recycling in Addison

    Find everything you need to know about trash pickup and where to recycle.

    National Drive Electric Week will highlight EVs at DFW dealers

    Volts and Leafs at Plug In America 2012Are you dreaming about owning an electric car? You can try one out for real at DFW’s National Drive Electric Week events, coming up Sept. 15-20. Several dealerships are planning events around the EV celebration, and EV owners will be stepping up to give you a test ride.

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    Learn how to compost at Addison and Texas Agrilife seminar

    composter -- small spinningThe Town of Addison and Texas A&M Agrilife want to help you learn to compost. Attend a seminar on the subject at the new watertower on Sept. 15.

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    Recycled art show in Addison, Sept. 11

    Blooming Hubcaps 2DFW-area artists who repurpose materials will be displaying their creations at the Art with RePurpose Eco Art Show at the Addison Conference and Theatre Centre on Thursday.

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    Current Conditions in Addison, TX
    Water Restrictions: Stage 1 Restrictions

    Welcome to Addison Green

    The Town of Addison City Council, City Manager and Town staff are committed to taking action to make Addison a leader in sustainable development and operations that protect and enhance the Town’s quality of life.

    >> Read more about our sustainability commitment

    Recent News

    High school students can study links between everyday actions at their high school, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change. Become a "climate ambassador" leader in your school or neighborhood and motivate friends, schools, and community leaders. Talk to your friends -- help spread the word! The EPA offers lots of suggestions for how to get involved at school.