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    Green and beautify your indoors with succulents

    Succulents are a low-maintenance indoor plant that needs only filtered sun and modest watering.
    Succulents GRN pix

    A guide to trash and recycling in Addison

    Find everything you need to know about trash pickup and where to recycle.

    Addison’s Loving Hut restaurant fills a niche with vegan dining

    Loving Hut thumbnailWhat’s a vegan restaurant doing in Addison? It’s offering customers a lunch buffet that’s got an amazing range of hot dishes and salads, without any animal products, not even a slice of cheese. But you won’t miss it, the Loving Hut shows that a diverse plant-based diet can be as satisfying as it is healthy.

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    Make a rainbarrel workshop, June 26

    Rainwater harvesting, thumbnail Does your rainwater just run off the roof and into the street? You can capture it and use the water for your landscape. This class by Texas A&M Agrilife will provide instruction, and the rain barrel.

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    Medical equipment recycler appeals for donations of used wheelchairs and scooters

    Wheelchair recipient Keith Gottberg.The Durable Medical Equipment Exchange of Dallas has been helping the disadvantaged receive refurbished wheelchairs, walkers and other medical equipment for 18 months, during which time demand has soared. Now the agency, in Northeast Dallas, is appealing for donations.

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    Current Conditions in Addison, TX
    Water Restrictions: Stage 1 Restrictions

    Welcome to Addison Green

    The Town of Addison City Council, City Manager and Town staff are committed to taking action to make Addison a leader in sustainable development and operations that protect and enhance the Town’s quality of life.

    >> Read more about our sustainability commitment

    Recent News

    As much as 10% of air-conditioned air may be leaking from your home. Caulking around windows and plumbing penetrations (under sinks) and weather stripping around doors will stop leaks.